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Magnanni 31758 (Panticosa)
€ 369,95
Magnanni Seleccion 19883 (Logrono)
€ 419,00
Magnanni 22086 (Logrono)
€ 389,00
Magnanni Seleccion 21099 (Figueres)
€ 399,00
Magnanni 21445 (Cuenca)
€ 369,00
Magnanni 22380 (Elx)
€ 389,00
Magnanni 22526 (Huelva)
€ 299,00
Magnanni 21332 (Toledo)
€ 339,00
Magnanni 21259 (Almeria)
€ 289,00
Magnanni 22526 (Vigo)
€ 299,00
Magnanni 21328 (Ronda)
€ 349,00
Magnanni 15330 (Cuenca Cognac)
€ 269,00

Has your eye ever fallen on our Magnanni shoes at Vousten? You will then see the result of 70 years of craftsmanship. This Spanish shoemaker focuses on making contemporary and classic models. Due to the application of the Bologna construction technique, each buckle shoe is 360 degrees wrapped in leather. While wearing, it benefits from exceptional flexibility and comfort. You will see the refined finish of every pair of Magnannis. The classic forms get an authentic look through manual processing. Ideal for the demanding man who likes to change formally and casual. You complete your modern look with a matching belt.

Artisanal Magnanni men's shoes

Since 1989, the Spanish Bianco family has grown the Magnanni shoe line into an autonomous brand. The ambition to make more elegant men's shoes and Chelsea boots is still in effect. The current collection has been expanded with fashionable loafers and sneakers. The leather used is top quality and color-matched by hand. This artisanal method guarantees a long service life. A special and unique model is the Oviedo. It is made of lizard leather and has a stunningly beautiful cognac finish.

Buy Magnannis at Voustenmgn

View all details of this kind of stylish quality shoes in our webshop. In addition to the leather lining, you will notice details such as perforated patterns and decorative stitching. Regardless of your taste, you have a range of options. We ship Magnannis worldwide and in the original shoe box, including a shoe bag. You will then receive exclusive footwear at home. Doesn't every man want that? Our offer consists of a permanent and changing collection. The result is that during the short-term sale only the last sizes are left.